Digital gifts
are the future

The epitome of digital wallet strategy

Why do big retailers and shopping
centers choose Gift to Wallet

Better cash flow

We help you avoid the large transaction fees the bank charges you for gift card sales. By using our platform, you can receive money directly from selling cards for your shops.

Better Service for retail customers

With Leikbreytir’s Gift to Wallet, your customers will be able to add their gift card funds directly to their online wallets and see the current balances of the gift cards. Plus, they can share the gift card with their spouse while making sure the gift card is never left in a drawer at home and forgotten about. How convenient is that?

Better for the Environment

Our solution enables you to stop printing gift cards on plastic cards, making online sales completely automatic and enabling gift recipients to add the gift card to their Apple or Android Wallet. You can still sell more sustainable gift card options in-store by printing the cards on reusable paper and other eco-friendly materials.

Better Marketing Tool

As a retailer or shopping center manager, you can send push notifications to all your gift card owners, allowing you to discover more about the owners as they register for their cards. Plus, you can send push notifications directly and/or depending on the owners’ GPS location. Alternatively, you can install Beamers in your stores within close range to push special offers to your customers as soon as they arrive in one of your stores.

Why Us?

Our mobile wallet solutions provide retail owners with the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness and gather data on their customers. Instead of seeing your gift card profits go to the bank, you will receive your money directly, allowing for a better cash flow. With our decades of experience in the digital gift card industry, we make things easier for businesses and their customers with quick, advanced digital solutions.

When you create a gift card with our service, you allow your customers to add it to their mobile wallets for easy access. Therefore, your customers do not have to worry about leaving their cards at home. Plus, our gift card maker company lets customers share their cards with loved ones, giving your shopping center the opportunity to reach more people.

Leikbreytir is a forward-thinking company creating innovative solutions to retailers’ problems. By providing your customers with easily accessible gift cards, you give them an incentive to visit your shopping center. Your consumers will enjoy our product so much that they will recommend it to their friends and families, creating more business opportunities for your establishment.

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