Backend White Labeling

If you want the gifttowallet backend in a white-labeled version, there are some prerequisites that are outlined below. The backend white labeling will completely hide the gifttowallet brand when you use our product.


  • Vanity URL: the theme of your white-labeled backend is loaded when users visit a subdomain that is specific to your backend. Therefore a Vanity URL must be enabled for your account before the backend white labeling can be implemented.
  • Styleguide: we will create a theme that is custom-built for your company and need some help from your end to get this done. If your company has a styleguide, send that to us. At least we need the following, though:
    • Logo: send us your logo as vector graphic (e.g. PDF, SVG, AI) with a transparent background.
    • Favicon: if you have a favicon or a square version of your logo, send that to us as well. It will be used as a favicon (the small icon you see in your browser’s tabs when visiting a website).
    • Color Scheme: send us the colors as hex-codes that your company uses.
    • Website: we will use an existing website (if there is one) and try to replicate the styling of that, unless you tell us otherwise.

As soon as we have that information, we’ll get back to you and let you know about the initial effort that is required to set up the white labeled version of your backend.