Creating a sendout job to send Emails or SMS

Before you create a sendout job, make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • the email address or phone number of your users must be saved in an additional property of your pass template.
  • If you want to send emails, make sure to create an email template first. It must include the {unsubscribe_link} placeholder to make sure your users are able to opt out.
  • You have the consent of all users that you’re about to send emails or SMS to. You are responsible to make sure that you’re allowed to contact them.

This is what your pass template might look like if its passes are ready to being sent.

Create a new sendout job

In order to send Wallet passes, you need to create a sendout job. To do this, click on “Send passes” in the menu or use this link to go to the list of sendout jobs directly.

Click on “New Sendout Job”.

A form will be shown where you need to define the following:

  • Name – the name of your sendout job
  • Type – do you want to send Emails or SMS?
  • Field that contains phone number or email – the additional field of the selected pass template that contains the phone number or email address of the user.
  • Search criteria for passes – allows you to only select a subset of passes you want to send messages for. If you don’t specify search criteria, messages for all passes of your template will be sent.

If you’re happy with your settings, click the Save button.

Define message options

Based on the message type (E-Mail or SMS) you no need to either define the text of the SMS’s that will be sent or select the email template that should be used.

Additionally you need to define the sender name and the subject of the email. Currently all mails are sent from – if you want to use your own email address or domain, please contact us.

Click Save to save the settings of your job.

Check list of selected passes

If you’ve chosen to save the job as draft you can now go to the list of sendout jobs and show the passes that will be sent by this sendout job, delete the job or send it. If you show the selected passes you can also remove passes from the sendout job.

In order to actually send the job, click on “Send now”.

Job sent

After you’ve hit “Send now” gifttowallet delivers your SMS or emails. During this the status will be “Sendout in Progress”.

After the messages have been delivered, the status changes to “Delivered” and you’ll see how many messages actually have been delivered or couldn’t be sent due to a wrong email address or phone number.