Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a Wallet app by Google that serves the purposes of paying using an Android smartphone as well as saving and managing passes (event tickets, boarding passes, vouchers, membership cards etc.).

Google Wallet was previously called Android Pay and Google Pay. Android Pay has less features, for example there’s no support for Event tickets and Boarding passes. We strongly recommend that you (and your users) update to the latest version of Google Wallet before starting to use Google Wallet passes.

Google Wallet is pre-installed on some but not on all Android phones but it’s the easiest way to manage passes on Android.

All information about Google Wallet for passes can be found here:

There are no special prerequisites in order to provide Google Wallet passes to your customers. Google Wallet must be activated in our backend before gifttowallet starts providing Google Wallet passes. You can do this here: activate Google Wallet in gifttowallet.

Availability of Google Wallet for passes

Unfortunately, Google Wallet is not available in all countries, yet.

For a list of countries where Google Wallet is available, check out this link: