Localization of download pages

Additionally to translating the Wallet passes themselves, you can also translate the pages where your users will download them.
In general in order to do that, you need to edit the download page of pass template. Only if you provide descriptions there, the custom labels will be used which in return can have translations.
You can find the options to customize the pass download pages of your template by clicking on the arrow right to the edit button on the dashboard:

All languages that iOS supports are supported for the download pages. The language is determined by the language parameter in the URL. E.g. if the base URL of your Wallet pass is this one https://app.gifttowallet.com/p/123456 (which renders the german labels by default) you can change the URL to https://app.gifttowallet.com/it/p/123456 to render the Italian version or https://app.gifttowallet.com/nl/p/123456 to render the dutch version.

To provide translations, click on the “Languages” button for your template:

Based on the features you have activated on your pass template you’ll see different fields available for translation. For example if you don’t enable Google Wallet passes for your template we won’t ask you to provide translations for the download pages for Google Wallet.

If there’s no translation available for a certain language the page will automatically fall back to the default language defined in the translations for your template. System labels of gifttowallet (which aren’t visible if you customize the download pages) are shown in English as a fallback.