Create an iFrame Integration for a Template

POST Request
Endpoint URL{template-id}
Creates an iFrame Integration for the given Template.
To see how iFrame Integrations work, click here.

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • template-id – the UUID of the pass template that you want to create an Integration for
  • name – the name of the Integration that will be created
  • cspFrameAncestors (optional) – a list of valid frame ancestors for the Content-Security-Policy that will be applied. This is a string and each value is separated by a line-break.

Returned values

If the integration has been created, Status 201 (Created) will be returned. The response contains the integrationId in the body.

Example payload:

    "name": "My integration"

Example response:

    "integrationId": "330bc583-660a-4cfd-99d2-bbde2d56f320"