Get information about a specific pass

GET Request
Endpoint URL{pass-uid}
If the given pass UID is known information about the pass is returned.

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • UID or userProvidedId of the pass you want information about – if your barcode value is different for each pass, you can also us that value
  • (optional) includeFieldMapping: set this GET parameter to true if you want to get an array called fieldMapping that contains the name of the additional property as key and the ID as value.
  • (optional) appConfigurationId – if you specify the ID of an app configuration, the system will check if the pass is eligible at the location that is defined for the app configuration. If the pass is not eligible or was used there already, the voided and redeemed fields will be displayed as true, indicating that the pass should not be accepted.

Returned values

JSON-Array containing an array for the pass that has been found.
Look at the common data format to find details about the fields returned.

Example output: