Returned data for pass objects

All endpoint  that return data of passes in a general fashion use a common data format which is described here. Dates are converted to the timezone that is set in your companies settings.


  • identifier – the UID of the pass that has the given ID
  • uri – the URI of the pass that can be used to update or delete the pass
  • generatedId – the ID (this is the one that was given in the request)
  • searchString – contains all data on the pass separated by pipe symbols |
  • passData – If you’ve specified a custom data format how you want to show data of your pass, this will be returned here
  • voided – false, if the pass is not voided, means it has not been used. true, if the pass is voided, means it has been used already. A pass can also be voided because it is expired.
  • redeemed – false if the pass hasn’t been used, true if it was used. This value stays the same, no matter if a pass is expired or not.
  • createdOn – the date and time when the pass was created
  • modifiedOn – the date and time when the pass was modified the last time
  • expirationDate – the date and time when the pass expires (if an expiration date is set)
  • userProvidedId – if you’ve specified a userProvidedId, it will be returned here
  • passTemplateGuid – the GUID of the pass-template that was used to create the pass.
  • passTemplateName – the name of the pass-template that was used to create the pass
  • linkToPassPage – the URL to the page where your users can download the pass
  • thumbnail – if this pass contains a thumbnail (possible for event tickets and membership cards), the URL to the thumbnail image will be returned here. Otherwise null.
  • qrCodeImage – the URL to the QR Code that is shown on the pass
  • barcodeValue – the value of the barcode of this pass. Please note that this doesn’t mean that the barcode is actually shown. A pass can have a value for this field but the template can be configured so the barcode isn’t shown.
  • numberOfActive – the number of active registrations for this pass
  • numberOfInactive – the number of inactive registrations for this pass
  • numberOfPrinted – how many times the print version of this pass has been printed/downloaded
  • passFieldData – all personalised fields of this pass including additional properties as an array.
  • eligiblePlaces – a list of places where this pass may be used
  • placesUsedAt – an array where the key is the timestamp of the usage date and the value the room. Please note that a pass can be used multiple times at a location if it was scanned multiple times. Only the first usage was valid in such cases.
  • storedValue – float. The value of a pass, e.g. the amount of points of a loyalty program

Example data:

	"identifier": "f36a13c6-714e-4640-b4ee-b94c8061620c",
	"uri": "
	"generatedId": "we179wavopfw4zpnae5f7ea7464f4a3",
	"searchString": "|
	"passData": "",
	"voided": false,
	"redeemed": false,
	"createdOn": "2020-10-08 07:44:38",
	"modifiedOn": "2020-10-08 13:43:59",
	"expirationDate": "2080-10-08 13:42:00",
	"userProvidedId": "",
	"passTemplateGuid": "1068b515-7fcb-456f-9abc-0b508b428301",
	"passTemplateName": "NFC Pass",
	"linkToPassPage": "
	"thumbnail": null,
	"qrCodeImage": "",
	"barcodeValue": "987654321",
	"numberOfActive": 1,
	"numberOfInactive": 0,
	"numberOfPrinted": 0,
	"passFieldData": {
		"5cb1a40ac68f80.15012600": "",
		"5e2721b93da442.17595709": "",
		"5e552028e62805.33020425": "SMSTEST",
		"5e5e0adfc1b6e4.84503451": "Sepp",
		"5f7216b0297200.36897838": "",
		"5f7216b02972e2.34068785": ""
	"storedValue": 7,
    "eligiblePlaces": [
    "placesUsedAt": {
        "1645625299": "room1",
        "1645625531": "room1"