Selling passes using a landing page

A prerequisite for selling Wallet passes with Sofort Banking is that you have a valid gifttowallet account as well as an account for one of the following Payment gateways:

  • Stripe (including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more)
  • PayPal

This tutorial explains how you can enable the sales process on your landing page that you’ve created with gifttowallet.

Enable payment

Edit your landing page and go to the payment tab. Please specify all required fields.
You need to enable at least one payment gateway. Enabling them is as easy as clicking on the corresponding tabs (PayPal, Stripe, Purchase on account) and following the instructions.

Stripe and Purchase on account is very straightforward. For Stripe, please make sure that you have a valid account.

Here’s a tutorial on how toRequest a PayPal API signature .