At Leikbreytir, we strive to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. Gift to Wallet benefits the environment by reducing the sale and inevitable disposal of plastic gift cards. You can complete our gift card transactions entirely electronically, producing zero waste. We also offer businesses the option to sell physical gift cards created from paper instead of plastic to reduce the environmental impact.

Additionally, we issue our electronic gift cards on Apple Wallet and Google Wallet for ease of use for your customers. We also partner with an alternative app to support circumstances where Apple Wallet and Google Wallet are not available. A key feature of Apple Wallet and Google Wallet is the capability of sending a push notification to the customer depending on their GPS location. This service can be a helpful reminder when customers are in the range of a gift card-eligible place. These apps also allow businesses to send general notifications to remind customers of their gift cards or specific reminders regarding an upcoming expiration date or remaining funds.