Users and permissions

gifttowallet allows you to create roles that allow you to limit access for other users both to features as well pass templates. To manage roles you need to have Customer Admin permissions or have assigned a role that grants you access to the role management.

General concept and best practice

After signing up your user automatically has the Customer Admin role assigned. This means you automatically have permissions to manage roles and add new users to your gifttowallet account.

Roles can grant both access to features (e.g. creating a pass) or pass-templates (e.g. a template for a specific campaign that you’ve set up). Permissions of different roles are combined. This means if a user has two roles and role A grants access to template A and role B grants access to template B the user will see both template A and B. The same applies to features. If a user has access to specific pass-templates this also applies to connected objects. E.g. a user will also see landing pages that are based on a pass-template.

In general you should carefully think about how you structure roles when you need to manage a higher number of users. The following is what we see as a best practice so we recommend following this concept.

Create different roles for features and templates because it will give you greater flexibility. For example if you create a role for your marketing employees that should only be able to create, edit and publish templates and create passes, you should create a role called “Marketing” and select the Features the user may access and don’t select any templates. You should then go ahead and create roles that grant access to the templates that users should see.

E.g. if you have employees from a subsidiary you’ll assign them one role that grants access to features and a second role that grants access to all pass-templates that are relevant for that subsidiary.
This way you can reuse the feature-role for all your marketing employees and only need to create a role per subsidiary.

Why do I need to assign a default role?

When you create or update users and assign them a custom role that you have created you need to select a default role for this user. If the user has the permission to create new templates these templates will automatically assigned to his default role so he can see them after they have been created.

What happens if a user only has “feature roles”?

If you only assign roles that grant access to features but not to pass-templates this means the user can log in and create templates but won’t see other templates. This basically allows you to grant access to users of your company and let them use gifttowallet without sharing passes.