Using Google Wallet passes on Android


Please make sure that your Android device meets the following criteria:

  • Google Wallet is installed (Android Pay will work as well but with limitations). Check if there are any updates available and install them. Android Pay (which is older) will work but e.g. doesn’t support event tickets or Boarding passes.
  • Open Google Wallet and agree to the terms and conditions in order to use it.
  • Make sure your device is running Android 5.0 or newer. Older versions don’t support Google Wallet.
  • If you save a Google Wallet pass on a desktop device, make sure, you’re logged in to your browser with the same Google account that you use in the Google Wallet app on your Android device.

Download a pass

Open a link to a pass on any device and click on the “G Pay Save” button.

If you’ve enabled Google Wallet for your template, Gift to Wallet will automatically show the Google Wallet Save button.

Language of Save to Google Wallet button

If you’re logged in to a Google account the language of the save to Google Wallet button will always be shown in the language that has been set. If you’re not logged in it will use the browsers default language.