Create an App Scan

POST Request Endpoint URL Purpose Creates a new App Scan using the values submitted as JSON payload

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • appConfigurationId – the unique ID of the App Configuration that is tied to this App Scan
  • scanStatus – 0 means the pass was known and has been voided after it has been scanned. 1 means the pass was know but it has already been voided and is therefore not valid. 2 means the pass was known and the attendance of a user has been saved. 3 means the pass hasn’t been found which happens if an invalid Barcode is scanned. This can happen e.g. if you’ve deleted passes or a Barcode value that is invalid in general has been scanned.
  • scannedBarcodeValue – the value of the Barcode that has been scanned
  • deviceName – the name of the device that has been used to scan the pass
  • createdOn – the date and time when the App Scan has happend (format: 2017-05-01 20:10:04)
  • setVoided – indicates if the pass should be voided (marked invalid) afterwards. This triggers a Push Update on the user’s Smartphone and greys out the Barcode of the pass
  • additionalProperties – an array consisting of the IDs of the additional property as key and it’s value as value of the array

Returned values

  • appScanId – the unique identifier (UUID) of the App Scan that has been created

Example JSON payload:

	"appConfigurationId": "d348b157-e15b-445b-a1e3-0d26101f3b20",
	"passId": "198b5f2f-ae59-4b1f-8d43-7726dc9a738c",
	"scanStatus": 1,
	"createdOn": "2017-05-17 08:00:00",
	"scannedBarcodeValue": "58ff47678758f4.39729240",
	"deviceName": "My iPhone",
	"setVoided": true,
	"additionalProperties": {
		"1": "value1",
		"2": "value2"
Example output:
  "appScanId": "4c19c1e8-b14a-4846-a597-5b53fcdb8a92"