What is an active pass?

Billing in gifttowallet is based on the volume of active passes.

A Wallet pass is active as soon as your user saves it on his smartphone and will receive Push Notifications.
A pass stays active until your user deletes it from his phone, deactivates push notifications or you remove the pass from gifttowallet completely. A pass is still counted as active if it is no longer valid (e.g. you’ve marked it as voided or the expiration date has passed) since you’re still able to send push notifications to your users in this case and are able to reactivate the pass again.

You can create an unlimited number of passes in general but we reserve the right to ask you to switch to a higher plan or remove passes from your account if the number of passes created is five times higher than the number of active passes in your pricing plan. We’ll contact you in such cases and won’t take action before that.