Get information about a pass-template

This endpoint is deprecated and should no longer be used. Please use the endpoint that describes a template which includes a lot more data.

GET Request
Endpoint URL{identifier}

Get information about the given pass-template. This information is e.g. needed if you want to create passes for this pass-template.

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • identifier – this is the UUID of the template you want to get information about.
  • (optional) includeLocations: set this GET parameter to true if you want to receive an array that contains the current locations

Returned values

JSON-Array containing the UID and the name of your pass-templates.

  • identifier: the UID of the pass-template
  • name: the name of the pass-template
  • numberOfCreatedPasses: the number of created passes for this pass-template. Pay attention that this is the overall number of passes that have been created, not the number of passes created this month.
  • createPassUrl: the API url including the pass-template UID that must be used to create new passes.
  • dynamicFields: JSON-Array that specifies the array that must be submitted when passes are created or updated. For more details see “Create a new pass” in this documentation.
  • locations – array that contains the current locations (multi-dimensional array with parameters latitude, longitude and optionally altitude, maxDistance and relevantText). Only returned if includeLocations is set to true.

Example output:

    "identifier": "6d03a4a9-cf92-4e36-80b4-a8994546e2f7",
    "name": "Example Passbook pass",
    "numberOfCreatedPasses": 1220,
    "createPassUrl": "
    "dynamicFields": {
        "passFrontFields": {
            "headerFields": [
                    "value": "Valid to"
            "primaryFields": [
                    "value": "Customer-No."
        "passBackFields": [],
        "additionalProperties": {
            "Vorname": "5b3f2f9f66a228.52093670",
            "Nachname": "5b3f2f9f66a3e9.44793220"