Patch a template

PATCH Request
Endpoint URL{identifier}

Update an existing template but keep its structure. E.g. you can update only the value of an existing field.

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • The input JSON must conform to this JSON Schema.

Some things to note compared to the create schema:

  • All properties are optional. E.g. it’s perfectly fine to only include the name property if you only want to update the name of a template.
  • You can’t create new fields during patch requests and the index of fields is mandatory!
    This allows you to e.g. update only the value of an existing field.

Returned values

A response object.

Example input:

Update the label of the first secondary field:

	"fields": {
		"secondaryFields": [{
			"index": 0,
			"value": "Tap three dots to reach the back."

Update the name of an additional property:

	"additionalProperties": [{
		"id": "5cb1a40ac68f80.15012600",
		"name": "Email"


    "success": true,
    "description": "Template was patched successfully!",
    "errors": [],
    "data": [],
    "statusCode": 200