Schedule a Push Notification

POST Request
Endpoint URL{template-id}/notification
Schedules the given notification at the given time and sends it to all passes of the template

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • template-id – the UUID of the pass template that you want to schedule a notification for
  • pushNotificationText – the text of the push notification. The safe length is a single-line string with up to 85 characters. Longer texts might be cropped depending on the device and operating system.
  • publicationDate – a date and time when the notification should be scheduled in the format Y-m-d H:i e.g. 2025-11-14 15:20

Returned values

If the notification has been scheduled sucessfully, Status 201 (Created) will be returned. The response contains the notificationId in the body.

Example payload:

    "pushNotificationText": "This will notify you!",
    "publicationDate": "2025-11-14 15:20"

Example response:

    "notificationId": "eb3795e2-0b9a-44e7-a8a0-95ac611efd39"