Send a Push Notification to a Pass

POST Request
Endpoint URL{pass-uid}/sendpushnotification
Sends a push notification to an active pass.

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • ID or userProvidedId of the pass that the should receive the notification as part of the URI.
  • pushNotificationText – the text for the push notification. This may include placeholders of additional properties to personalise the message with existing data.

Returned values

  • If the notification has been sent successfully, status 204 is returned.
  • Status 400 is returned, if the pass is not active, the pushNotificationText was empty or is not set.
  • Status 404 is returned, if the pass’ identifier is not known.
Example output:
	"pushNotificationText": "Hi {Firstname}, how are you?"