App Scan created

POST Request to target URL
Endpoint URL defined when subscribing
Pushes information about a scan that was saved. That may either be triggered by the Gift to Wallet Companion app or a third party that uses the API to create app scans.
Event type: app_scan_created

Submitted values

JSON-Array containing the following information:

  • scanStatus – 0 means the pass was known and has been voided after it has been scanned. 1 means the pass was know but it has already been voided and is therefore not valid. 2 means the pass was known and the attendance of a user has been saved. 3 means the pass hasn’t been found which happens if an invalid Barcode is scanned. This can happen e.g. if you’ve deleted passes or a Barcode value that is invalid in general has been scanned.
  • createdOn – the date when the scan happened.
  • createdOnUtc – the date when the scan happened – converted to UTC.
  • passId – the UUID of the pass that was scanned. Null if the pass couldn’t be found.
  • passGeneratedId – the auto generated of the pass that was scanned.
  • passSearchString – the search string of the pass that contains the individual data of the pass.
  • passUserProvidedId – the user provided id of the pass if there is one.
  • passTemplateGuid – the UUID/GUID of the pass’ template
  • passTemplateName – the name of the pass’ template
  • appConfigurationId – the identifier of the configuration that was used when the scan happened
  • scannedBarcodeValue – the barcode value that has been scanned. If this is an NFC pass this field contains the value that has been transferred via NFC.
  • appScanId – the unique id of the app scan.
  • deviceName – the device name of the device that was used to scan
  • additionalPropertiesScan – if the configuration has additional properties defined, this will contain an array of key-value pairs. The key is the name of the property, the value is – as you guessed – the value.
  • additionalPropertiesPass – if the pass has additional properties, this array will contain key-value pairs. The key is the ID of the additional property, the value is the actual value.

Example payload

	"scanStatus": 2,
	"createdOn": "2020-06-12 14:12:10",
    "createdOnUtc": "2020-06-12 12:12:10",	
	"passId": "bdaa2cbd-3190-46a5-825c-e2879f5f78b2",
	"passGeneratedId": "jhszixq86cx2yhBV",
	"passSearchString": "my|data|here",
	"passVoided": "false",
	"passUserProvidedId": "",
	"passTemplateGuid": "ae48a05e-b689-4b8d-a3dc-055b963cb976",
	"passTemplateName": "My template",
	"appConfigurationId": "34567890-3eda-1235-99df-28e1047fcefa",
	"scannedBarcodeValue": "example-value",
	"appScanId": "123456-d532-4a80-a463-82ba58eb40a1",
	"deviceName": "My iPhone",
	"additionalPropertiesScan": {
		"Are you happy?": "true"
	"additionalPropertiesPass": {
		"5cb1a40ac68f80.15012600": "My name",
		"5eaa7fe918b372.44429907": "My lastname"