Get a list of templates

POST Request to target URL
Endpoint URL defined when subscribing
Pushes information about a pass template that has been updated to the target-url.
Event type: pass_template_updated

Submitted values

JSON-Array containing the following information:

  • uniqueIdentifier – the unique identifier of the template that has been created
  • name – the name of the template that has been created
  • noOfActivePasses – the number of active passes (will be always zero after creation)
  • noOfCreatedPasses – the number of passes that have been created using the template (will also be zero after creation)

Example payload:

	"uniqueIdentifier": "9bb306e2-42c9-4146-9a95-d788365ba9af",
	"name": "test",
	"noOfActivePasses": 0,
	"noOfCreatedPasses": 0