Get information about an App Configuration

GET Request Endpoint URL{identifier} Purpose Returns information about the App Configuration specified by its identifier

Required input parameters

  • HTTP Authorization Header that contains your API key
  • Identifier of the App Configuration

Returned values

  • name – the name of the App Configuration
  • configurationId – the unique ID of the App Configuration
  • passTemplateId – the unique ID of the Pass Template whose passes should be validated. If the ID is null, all passes will be validated, no matter which Pass Template has been used to create them.
  • passTemplateName – the name of the Pass Template. Can be null if all passes should be validated
  • createdOn – the date and time the configuration has been created
  • scanMode – 0 means the pass will be voided after it has been scanned. 1 means the Scan will only note that the pass has been scanned without voiding it
  • place – the place that has been specified in the App Configuration. Can be e.g. a room at your venue.
  • additionalProperties – an array of additonal properties that should be asked for if a pass is scanned. The ID and the value the user has specified should be submitted when creating App Scans.

Example output:

  "name": "Example configuration",
  "configurationId": "d0a467cf-391a-4b89-a00e-dc57a56d7b7b",
  "passTemplateId": null,
  "passTemplateName": null,
  "createdOn": "2017-04-26 21:47:31",
  "scanMode": 0,
  "place": "",
          "additionalProperties": [
                  "type": "boolean",
                  "name": "Allowed to send marketing mails?",
                  "id": 0
                  "type": "unicode",
                  "name": "Tell us about you",
                  "id": 1