About Wallet Push Notifications

Wallet passes can be updated. Updates to fields of a pass trigger push notifications on the users device if the field has a change message specified.

You can either update a single pass if the field you’re updating is personalized or push information about a new field to all passes.

A prerequisite for push notifications is the following:

  • The user must have enabled push notifications in the Wallet app (this is the default setting)
  • You must use the same certificate for your template that you’ve been using when creating the pass initially. E.g. switching from one of gifttowallet’s demo-certificates to your own will break push notifications for existing passes (re-download the pass in this case).
  • The certificate you’re using must be valid
  • The field that you’re updating must have a change message specified. If you leave the change message empty, the change will be made without triggering a push notification.

You can change anything on a Wallet pass after it has been issued, e.g. you can change colors and imagery or even the type of a pass (e.g. convert an event ticket to a coupon) but only changes to front and back fields will trigger push notifications.

If more than one field is updated at a time, the push notification will be aggregated and the phone will only display something like “Coupon changed” (based on the type of pass you’re using)