Updating all passes of a template

If you’re updating a field of a template that is not personalised, all users will receive the same push notification. This is perfect if you e.g. want to inform users about a special offer or push information about an event.

All changes to a template won’t be pushed automatically. You have to publish them which gives you the chance to test things before pushing it to your users.

Notifications are sent for new as well as for changed fields.

Editing a template

To push an information to all users that have saved a pass, edit the template of that pass by clicking on Edit next to the template in the Dashboard of gifttowallet.

Next either add a new field or edit an existing one.
In this example we’re going to update a back field and add a message about a new offer that the users are able to use. The field’s value must be changed and has been empty.
If all users should receive the same message, the field must not be personalised (Value is provided on pass creation not ticked!), you can, however, include the placeholder of an additional property to personalise the push notification.

In the example below the new field value is “Use your credits to get one coffee for every croissant you buy!” and the change message is “%@” which is the placeholder for the field’s value. In this case the push notification will only consist of the field value.
After you’ve edited the template, save it.

Publishing changes

After the changes have been saved, you’ll see a message that there are unpublished changes. You can publish them now by clicking on “Push changes to devices”.

You can also publish changes from the Dashboard that you see after logging in to gifttowallet.

After you chose to publish changes, the system will ask you if you’re sure – if you confirm this, the push changes will be pushed to all devices that have saved the pass and a push notification will be shown. Even all passes that haven’t been downloaded, yet, will be updated to make sure that users always get the latest information, once they download the Wallet pass.

Push notification

The push notification in this example looks like this.