Configure a template for Google Wallet

Activating Google Wallet for a template

If you’re using a pass type that is supported for both Google Wallet and Apple Wallet you’ll see an option to activate the Google Wallet version of your pass when creating or editing a template.
If you check that box, gifttowallet might ask you to specify additional data (if needed) before you can save the template.

Testing a Google Wallet template

After you’ve saved the settings you have two options to test the Google Wallet pass:

  • Click on the “Save to Google Wallet” button that’s shown below the pass preview after you’ve saved your template. You’ll see a pop up that allows you to save the Google Wallet pass right away. You need to use the same Google account on your Android device that you’ve logged in when saving the pass. Afterwards the pass will show up in the Google Wallet app.
  • Create a pass using your template and open the link to the pass on an Android device.

After you’ve saved a pass it will be synchronized to all devices where you use the same Google account automatically.