White Labeling

You can enable White Labeling in gifttowallet to make it look like your own solution. There are two “flavors” of white labeling.

End user facing

If you don’t want to grant access to the gifttowallet backend to your business partners usually people that access your passes will access the download URLs for passes. Additionally, if you use email delivery in gifttowallet, they might also receive emails.

By default the domain for download pages is gifttowallet.com and the email address is gifttowallet@gifttowallet.com

End user facing white-labeling therefore consists of two components:

Using your own subdomain, e.g. gifttowallet.com and using your own email address.

Backend white labeling

If you want to resell Wallet campaigns and give your customers access to the backend, you can also use white labeling of the gifttowallet backend which will replace the default theme with your own that will be created according to your corporate identity.