Sending an update to a single pass


To update a single pass, make sure that the field you want to update contains an additional property placeholder.

Assuming you want to update a field on the front of the pass, the field should be configured like this:

The important thing here is that the field is personalised (which means it contains the placeholder of an additional property, in this case “{Name}” and a change message is entered. If the field is not personalised all passes will have the same value for this field. If the change message is empty, the update of the pass will happen without triggering a push notification.

Updating the pass

To update a single pass, go to Wallet passes –> Created passes in the menu of the gifttowallet application. You’ll see a list of passes that have been created. Search for the pass you want to update and click on the pencil icon to edit the personalised values of the pass.

You’ll see the form to update the personalised values of the pass. Enter the new value that you want to push to all devices that have stored the pass.

The push notification itself always consists of the change message and the field value.

In the example above the value of the field is a placeholder, the change message is “Name changed to: %@”. The placeholder %@ will be replaced with the new field value.
This means if you enter “Demo” when updating the pass, the user will see a push notification that reads “Name changed to: Demo”. A push notification will only be shown if the value actually has changed.

Click on “Update and send push notification” after you’ve specified the new value. All devices that have saved the pass will receive a push notification if they haven’t disabled them actively. The push notification in this case looks like this: