Location based notifications - troubleshooting

Apple Wallet as well as Google Wallet and PassWallet on Android support location based notifications. By default a user can control if the push notification is shown or not by using the settings on the pass itself or in the settings of his device.

Location based notifications on iOS

The following prerequisites must be met so iOS will show location based push notifications

  • the battery level of the device must be 40% or higher to show location based notifications reliably
  • Location services must be enabled for the Wallet app (Look at the settings of your iPhone)
  • Lockscreen notifications for Wallet must be allowed (Settings –> Notifications –> Wallet)
  • On the back of the pass the setting “Show on lock screen” must be enabled. This is the default setting.
  • If you’ve enabled iBeacon notifications, Bluetooth must be enabled because it is used to trigger the notifications.

The settings mentioned above are default settings which means you can expect most user to already have them enabled. In general iOS devices are only checking the current location from time to time. If you’re visiting a place for the first time it might take some time until the notification is triggered.

Troubleshooting location based notifications on iOS

If location based notifications on iOS aren’t shown, check the following things:

  • Enable WiFi. iPhones are using WiFi networks to improve the accuracy of location services. Enabling WiFi can therefore help to improve the quality even if you’re not connected to a network.
  • Make sure that location services are enabled on your iPhone in general (check the Settings of your iPhone)
  • If the place for the notification is in an area with bad mobile connection it can help to use iBeacons to trigger notification as an alternative.

Location based notifications on Android

The following prerequisites must be met to display location based notifications on Android

  • Location services must be enabled
  • The PassWallet app must be allowed to use the location of your device (Settings –> Apps –> PassWallet –> Permissions)
  • Within PassWallet, open the menu and click on Settings. Then scroll down to the Notifications area and make sure that “Show notifications” and “iBeacons” as well as “iBeacon Locations” are enabled.