Problems with push notifications on Huawei devices

If you experience problems with push notifications on your Huawei device, please perform the following steps.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • EMUI 9 (on Android 9)
    • Navigate to Settings –> Battery, and make sure that the following options are all deactivated: “Performance mode”, “Power Saving mode”, and “Ultra Power Saving mode”
    • Tap on “App launch” (in Settings –> Battery)
    • Scroll to PassWallet, and set the switch to the Off position
    • A dialog containing three options appears (“Auto-launch”, “Secondary launch”, and “Run in background”): Make sure that all three options are activated, and confirm by tapping “OK”
  • Older EMUI versions
  • If you don’t use EMUI 9, please perform the following steps. The specified menu paths apply to EMUI 5.0 on Android 7.0. Depending on device and OS version, designation and location of menu items may differ.
    • Battery saving mode: Navigate to “Settings –> Battery –> Close apps after screen lock”, and set “PassWallet” to “Don’t close”
    • Activate background data: Navigate to “Settings –> Apps –> PassWallet > Data usage”, scroll down, and set “Background data” to “allowed”
If the problem persists after you have completed the steps listed above, please follow the Troubleshooting Push Notifications on Android